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For Property Mangers:

What are your costs?
The Fire Protection Group are proud to offer a premium risk management based service. We know all the legalities and how they apply to property managers and landlords. We work with those who also understand risk and want a service that provides effective risk management.

Do you provide effective communication?
Yes. Our team is here to help 7 days a week. Our goal is to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the service going beyond they duty of call.

Do you provide property certification?
Yes. We provide a fully comprehensive compliance report.

Do you charge for revisits?
No. Revisits are included in our annual servicing fee and that includes faults on smoke alarms.

Do you issue notices of entry?
Yes. We have found this to be the most effective means of ensuring your properties are maintained and serviced in the most time efficient manner. We have other processes that can be discussed, but this is usually the easiest option for most agents.

Do you have insurances?
Yes. We carry both public liability of $10 M and professional indemnity insurance of $1M.

For Landlords:

Do I actually need to maintain my alarms?
State legislation across Australia differs from state to state – Smoke alarm legislation prohibits the transfer of maintenance towards the tenants as it is the owners responsibility to ensure smoke alarms are in the correct postions and locations.

Can the tenant do the maintenance?
Short answer – no. The legal answer will refer to state legislation requirements and duty of care considerations. Each state however can be slightly different and the legislation does differ slightly. Call us to find out more.

My Lease says the tenant is responsible.
Again, refer above.

How many smoke alarms do I need? Where do they go?
Each house is different and has different smoke alarm requirements. In very simplistic terms, a house should have at least one smoke alarm per level of the property in between bedrooms and to make a safe exit path.

Do smoke alarms expire?
Yes. A smoke alarm requires replacement before ten years of its life. This is the same for BOTH mains powered (hard wired) alarms and battery powered alarms. All alarms require replacement before 10 years of age.

Can’t my property manager just do this?
Property managers shouldn’t be expected to lug ladders and to check and replace smoke alarms. Lets face it.. It is beyond your level of expertise. In fact, a property manager’s insurance may not cover them in the event they did decide to involve themselves with smoke alarms.

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