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 Why Use FPG? – Peace of Mind!

• 100% tax-deductible.

• Protect the integrity of your insurance policies – if your property does not comply insurance is virtually pointless.

• Limits your liability from a risk management point of view.

• Unlimited attendances at your property with unlimited battery changes.

• Real Estate Agents and Property Managers have limited expertise and insurance coverage relating to technical aspects of smoke alarm maintenance.

• Highly trained specialist technicians are instructed to make the property compliant at lowest cost to the landlord.

• Locally based smoke alarm technicians throughout Victoria – clearly identifiable through
identification cards, sign-written company vehicles and uniforms.

• All staff are regularly trained in customer service and technical skills.

• Comprehensive database for every property recording every attendance at the property, the location and type of smoke alarms, their manufacture/expiry dates. This can be beneficial in cost recovery from a tenant who causes damage or removal of alarms.

Operational Smoke Detectors – A Must In Every Home!

Landlords have the duty of care to ensure smoke alarms are kept in a good working order during the life of the tenancy agreement. The Building Commission of Victoria prohibits the transfer of this responsibility towards the tenant. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria advises its members; “Ongoing maintenance and inspection of smoke alarms needs to be treated seriously, more seriously than leaving it to the tenant.”

FPG makes sure all properties comply with current smoke detector legislation. The Building Commission Regulations and Australian Standards 1993, AS 3786 are consulted for all properties.

Our service can remove the responsibility of smoke detector maintenance from the agency, despite the landlord’s decision to accept or reject the service.

Annual maintenance/service of smoke detectors includes:

A fully comprehensive maintenance service, to ensure smoke detectors are in good functional order, within its manufactures expiry date, and positioned as per required locations.

Upon completion, a Certificate of compliance will be issued to ensure your legislative responsibilities are maintained and upheld, as per the Australian Standards 1993, AS 3786.

Decibel testing.

Cleaning detector and surrounding areas including vacuum cleaning inside the smoke detector and outside the smoke detector.

New 9V alkaline Battery replacement.

Smoke test simulation to ensure smoke alarm will go off in the event of a real fire.

Button test to ensure effective operation.

Replacement of defective expired and damaged smoke detectors when necessary.

Fire Protection Group will ensure the ongoing maintenance of your properties on an annual basis after the first check occurs.

Fire Protection Group guarantees all new smoke detectors for the life of the smoke detector.
Service and costs are subject to change with prior notification.