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Your Responsibility

Your Responsibilities

Your property must comply with the new legislation and the Building Code of Australia. This is not just establishing that a property has a smoke alarm. You must ensure the property has the required number of smoke alarms, the location is correct as per the legislation and the Building Code, Australian Standards are met, and all are working and not past their expiry date.

Before the commencement of every new tenancy and/or tenancy renewal, you must ensure that smoke alarms are inspected, tested, cleaned and the battery changed (if necessary).

 The legislation prohibits the transfer of this responsibility to the tenant.

 Property Managers and Real Estate Agents have been warned by their insurers that this responsibility is outside the expertise of a Property Manager and that their Professional Indemnity Insurance many not cover them or the landlord in the event of a mistake. For this reason, most Property Managers WILL NOT take on this responsibility – the risk of personal litigation is too great.

The Simple and Cost Effective Solution: Transfer the Risk to

the Professionals!